Calls for BWWA Chair & Vice Chair

The BWWA Executive Board invites nominations for the positions of Chair and Vice Chair. These positions are elected by the BWWA members and serve for 2-4 years. Descriptions of the positions’ main responsibilities are:

The Chair (term of 2 years)

  • Serves as executive officer, setting meeting agendas, appointing board members, and creating ad hoc committees if necessary; 
  • Assists BWWC organizers in the conference organizing process, including recruiting
  • future host institutions and coordinating host organization proposal approval;
  • Organizes Association and Advisory board meetings, trains Vice Chair, 
  • Advises Board as Past Chair, and serves as an Association Board member after their tenure as Chair expires.

The Vice Chair (term of 2 years; followed by 2-year term as Chair)

  • Advises the Chair and acts as Chair in Chair’s absence.
  • Oversees Travel Award committee and chairs Nominations and Elections Committee
  • Serves as Chair after completion of two-year term as Vice Chair.

Those interested in learning more in the positions may contact Roxanne Eberle at or Donelle Ruwe at for more information. 

 Please submit a letter of interest and CV by Friday, October 14, 2022 to if you wish to run for either of these positions.

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