Call for Web and Media Manager of the BWWA

The British Women Writers Association (BWWA) seeks self-nominations and nominations by others for a Web and Media Manager (WAMM). The WAMM is responsible for website design, administration, and maintenance. Intended for both an internal and an external audience, the website provides information about membership, governance, past and future conferences, and awards. The WAMM, along with the Communications Director, also publishes updates and announcements on social media and relevant listservs and responds to emails sent to the Association.

The WAMM is an appointed position and serves on the Executive Board. All nominations will be considered by the members of the Executive and Association Boards, who will appoint the new WAMM from the pool of nominations. To nominate yourself, submit a short letter of interest and your CV to If you are nominated by another, the BWWA will contact you and solicit a CV and letter of interest. Nominations are due by Friday, October 14, 2022. If you have questions about the role, direct them to Kirstyn Leuner

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