Constance Fulmer Award in Mentorship

The BWWA Constance Fulmer Award in Mentorship

This award recognizes outstanding mentorship of early-career scholars of long 18th- and 19th-century British women writers. Mentorship, broadly defined, is one of the BWWA’s central values as supporting and empowering younger scholars is vital to diversifying and developing our field.

This award was renamed in 2020 in honor of Constance Fulmer, a long-time Association member and BWWC participant who embodied the very spirit of generous, feminist mentorship.

The 2022 Constance Fulmer Award in Mentorship is now open

The BWWA is accepting nominations that demonstrate the following: the candidate’s commitment aiding mentees in navigating academic and career goals, their guidance and inspiration of mentees in the exchange of ideas, research and writing; and their success in embracing opportunities for mentees such as conference presentations, publications, fellowships, and/or grant awards.

Nominators should complete the nomination form, found here, by April 1st, 2022.

Award Criteria:

  • A letter of support by the nominator, and a letter from at least one additional supporter of the nominee (a third letter of support is optional). Alternatively, the BWWA accepts self-nominations, in which case the nominee would write one of the supporting letters. Letters should discuss the ways in which the nominee has supported and fostered the teaching and scholarly/professional goals of mentees and should describe specific instances that demonstrate their qualities as an effective mentor. Letters may come from former students, colleagues, collaborators, and others qualified to speak to the nomination. Together, the letters should provide evidence for the range, excellence, consistency, and salutary impact of the nominee’s mentoring history. Letters should specifically address the impact the nominee has had on BWWA, BWWC, or the mentee’s participation in one or both. The maximum length for each letter is two single-spaced pages. Letters will be due by May 1, 2022 through the support documentation form.

  • The nominee’s 5-page C.V.

  • By the time the award is presented at BWWC, the recipient must be a member of the British Women Writers Association.

Past Honorees

2020: Constance Marie Fulmer (Pepperdine University)
2012: Linda K. Hughes (Texas Christian University)
2010: Teresa Mangum (University of Iowa)
2008: Cindy LaCom (Slippery Rock University) and Pamela Corpron Parker (Whitworth University)

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