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Please use our linked form to join or renew your membership in the British Women Writers Association for the year 2023-24! (Page 1 gathers membership data, page 2 takes you to payment through Square.)

Your contribution supports travel assistance for graduate students, contingent faculty, and future conference organizers. Further, your membership in the BWWA provides access to opportunities for mentorship and networking across eighteenth- and nineteenth-century fields as well as all the latest Association listserv communications.

Fees for 2023-2024:
Full-time Faculty: $35
Graduate students, contingent faculty, independent scholars: $15

The term of your annual membership lasts from the first day of the annual conference until the next year’s conference begins.

In addition, the BWWA welcomes donations of any size.

After 30 years, the BWWA continues to promote scholarship on and the teaching of women/womxn writers who have traditionally been left on the margins of canonical study.

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