BWWC 2020 Travel Awards

“Heather in Bloom, Roseberry Topping, North Yorkshire, England.” Credit: John Robinson/PA Wire. (

18th- and 19th-Century British Women Writers Association

Travel Award Application

Due January 17, 2020

BWWC 2020 

Texas Christian University

Fort Worth, TX

As part of its mission to encourage conference participation by early-career scholars and contingent faculty, the British Women Writers Association offers 4 travel grants to help assuage the costs of travel for BWWC participants. These awards are offered for the following categories:

  • Independent Scholar/Contingent Faculty
  • Graduate Student Travel Awards for work in the following periods:
    • early to mid 18th-century
    • late 18th-century to early 19th-century
    • mid 19th-century to early 20th-century

Graduate students, independent scholars, and contingent faculty are invited to apply for a BWWA travel grant for BWWC 2020. The deadline for travel grant submissions is January 17th. 

To qualify for a BWWA travel grant, applicants must:

  1. Be currently enrolled as a full-time graduate student;
  2. Be currently employed in a non-tenured, part-time, or adjunct position; or
  3. Have completed their doctorate within the last ten years and be unaffiliated with any university.

Please submit the following information as a single file attachment to Courtney Hoffman at by January 17, 2020:

  1. A brief cover letter specifying:
    1. Award being applied for: Graduate Student Travel Award or Independent Scholar/ Contingent Faculty Travel Award and the period that best fits the project
    2. Information regarding your previous affiliation with the BWWA
    3. Anticipated travel distance
    4. Any other pertinent details of your employment
  2. A copy of your conference proposal

Submission Directions:

  1. All of the application documents should be part of one single attachment file.
  2. The attachment should be an MS Word doc or Adobe pdf.
  3. The file name should start with the applicant’s last name (e.g., smith_bwwcapp.doc).
  4. The subject line of the email should indicate:
    1. Award being applied for: Graduate Student Travel Award or Independent Scholar/ Contingent Faculty Travel Award
    2. Period that best fits the project

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