BWWC 2019: “Movement,” April 25-27

Julius_Caesar_Ibbetson_-_George_Biggins'_Ascent_in_Lunardi'_Balloon_-_WGA11831The 2019 British Women Writers Conference will take place on the plains of Auburn Alabama at Auburn University. The conference will take place from April 25 through Saturday, April 27, 2019. The theme for the conference is “movement.”

From transatlantic crossings, transnational diasporas, mobility studies, and the organization of literary history, the idea of movement is rich in significance for the study of British women writers. Our conception of both periods and places is widely defined, and we invite papers that will contribute to a rich discussion of the diversity of women’s writing. Please send a 500-word abstract and a brief bio to by January 5, 2019 [extended deadline].

For more information, see our CFP on the conference website.


Image credit: Julius Caesar Ibbetson’s painting “George Biggins’ Ascent in Lunardi’ Balloon” (1785), [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons,

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