Info for BWWC 2017 Attendees

Dear BWWC attendees,

The week of the 25th anniversary conference of the BWWC is [here!], and we’re sending along our welcome email with special events information so you may plan your stay.
We wish you safe travels and look forward to welcoming you in Chapel Hill! Please email us with questions or concerns anytime.
Doreen & Lauren

Find all conference updates at

Our hashtag for live-tweeting and live-gramming is #BWWC2017Feel free to list your twitter handle in your PowerPoint or mention it before you begin your talk so attendees may tag you as they live-tweet your session. Thank you for supporting us online!
Follow us on Twitter @BWWC2017 and on Instagram as bwwc2017.

Please see the latest conference program at
Self-Guided Tour of the Ackland Art Museum, Wednesday through Sunday

The BWWC Steering committee proudly presents a tour of the Ackland Art Museum to accompany the conference. All conference attendees are invited to visit these pieces in person during their stay in Chapel Hill or to study these works on our website. The Ackland is just a few steps from the Carolina Inn and is open from 10am to 5pm on Wednesdays through Saturdays, and from 1pm to 5pm on Sundays. Admission is free.

Pre-Conference Reception on Wednesday, 7pm
We’re starting this year’s series of events with a Pre-Conference Reception at Hyde Hall on the UNC Campus on Wednesday evening at 7pm. This event is included in your registration. Hyde is less than five minutes away from the Carolina Inn and we will mark the way so you can find it easily. Please see a walking map here.
Breakfast at the Carolina Inn, 7:00am-8:30am (included in your registration)
Opening Reception on Thursday, 7pm

We invite you to join us for our Opening Reception buffet in the splendid John Lindsay Morehead Lounge, Graham Memorial, on the UNC campus, at 7pm on Thursday. A dinner ticket can be purchased for $40 at the registration desk (cash or check only). Graham Memorial is right across from Hyde Hall, and we will mark the way for you.

Pub Crawl on Thursday, 9pm

Please join us for a Pub Crawl on Thursday evening, following the Opening Reception. It is the perfect opportunity to socialize with fellow BWWC attendees and explore Chapel Hill’s bar scene. We are meeting at 9pm on Thursday, right outside Graham Memorial on the UNC campus. More information about the different pubs here. We’re happy to organize walking groups and Uber rides for attendees to ensure that everyone gets home safely.


Breakfast at the Carolina Inn, 7:00am-8:30am (included in your registration)

Digital Paleography: A Beginner’s Workshop on Text Encoding and MS Letters, Friday, 10:30am

Registered workshop attendees may meet Rae Yan and Grant Glass at 10:15am outside the Carolina Inn to join a walking group to the Genome Science building where the workshop will be held. Click here for more information about the workshop.

Rare Books Exhibit, Friday, 2:30pm-4:30pm
Conference attendees wishing to explore the Rare Books Exhibit may join several walking groups that will start at the Carolina Inn’s main entrance and head for the Wilson Special Collections Library. Dr. Paula Feldman (University of South Carolina) has kindly agreed to present remarks at 4:00pm.
  • 2:15 Group led by Andrew Kim
  • 2:45 Group led by Anne Fertig
  • 3:15 Group led by Ally Palisoul
  • 3:45 Group led by Michele Robinson
Cocktail Hour and Banquet, Friday, 7pm-10pm

Our celebratory banquet is included in your conference registration and will be held at the Carolina Inn at 8pm. Conference attendees wishing to bring a non-registered guest to the banquet may purchase a banquet badge at the registration desk for $40. The banquet is preceded by a cocktail hour (cash-bar) and Chapel Hill’s famous bluegrass music program, “Fridays on the Front Porch,” at the Carolina Inn. Those in the mood for a light stroll after the evening meal are welcome to join Jane S. Gabin for a candle-light campus tour at dusk.

Breakfast at the Carolina Inn, 7:00am-8:30am (included in your registration)
Performance of “The Song Cycles of Charlotte Smith’s Beachy Head,” Saturday, 1:30pm
Elizabeth Dolan (Lehigh University) has been working with composer Amanda Jacobs to set Smith’s Beachy Head for piano and mezzo soprano. Together they identified twenty-six songs in five cycles, which Amanda has set beautifully to music, accompanied by singer Shelley Waite. Jacobs and Waite will present all twenty-six songs for the very first time. The performance takes place in the Hill Hall auditorium (Hill Hall is across from Hyde Hall).
Plenary: Supporting Contingent Faculty, Saturday, 3:15pm
Drs. Miranda Yaggi (Indiana University), Cynthia Current (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), and Jenny Pyke (Wake Forest University) invite scholars at all career stages to join in a robust, no-holds-barred brainstorming session centered around supporting the research of non-tenure-track professionals. More information on the session here.

Transgender 101 Workshop, Saturday, 3:15pm

Dr. Lisa Hager (University of Wisconsin, Waukesha) invites you to participate in this special workshop on transgender and gender non-conforming identities, issues, lives, and activism in our workplaces and communities. More information here.
British Women Writers Association’s 25th Anniversary Celebration: Champagne, Cupcakes, & Awards, Saturday, 7pm
Please join us once more in the John Lindsay Morehead Lounge, Graham Memorial, for an hour of delicious desserts, the official announcement of our four BWWA travel award winners, reminiscences spanning 25 years of BWWA conferences, and a preview of the 2018 BWWC at Austin, Texas.
Dinner Groups on Saturday, 8pm
If you’re free on Saturday night, please sign up for one of our 14 dinner groups to enjoy a great meal with friends old and new. The dinner groups will meet at 8pm outside Graham Memorial’s main entrance and head out at around 8:15pm. Look out for the sign with your restaurant!

Doreen Thierauf & Lauren Pinkerton
Co-Chairs, British Women Writers Conference 2017
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Twitter: @bwwc2017

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