The BWWA seeks to bring more women/womxn from the margins to the center of literary history by promoting scholarship on and the teaching of long 18th- and 19th-century British women writers in diverse global and cultural contexts. The Association works to accomplish this broad activist goal in interconnected ways: 

  • by organizing an annual professional conference, called the British Women Writers Conference (BWWC), where scholars share new work on women writers; 
  • by developing a community of scholars from multiple literary periods, disciplines, and with varying experience and rank;
  • by providing generous mentorship and support to graduate students and early-career scholars studying women writers; and
  • by fostering feminist pedagogy and rewarding mentoring relationships that shape the future of the field.

The BWWA promotes feminisms grounded in activism and intersectionality, and it pledges to work toward social justice for and with writers, past and present, who are Black, people of color, LGBTQIA+, people living with disabilities, and of other marginalized identities.

Executive Committee

Co-Chairs: Roxanne Eberle and Donelle Ruwe
Secretary-Treasurer: Doreen Thierauf
Director of Communications: Courtney Hoffman
Web and Media Manager: Caitlin Anderson and Kirstyn Leuner
Mentorship Program Coordinator: Lauren Pinkerton

Association Board

Caitlin Anderson
Alison Booth*
Pamela Buck
Kimberly Cox
Lana Dalley
Cameron Dodworth
Lisa Hager
Benjamin Hudson
Kristen Pond
Melissa Purdue
Nicole Reynolds
Angela E. Runciman
Rebecca L. Schneider
Andrew Stauffer*
Cheryl Wilson

* Indicates current organizers of the annual BWWC
** Indicates future conference organizers

Advisory Board

Susan Brown
Paula Feldman
Pamela Gilbert
Jillian Heydt-Stevenson
Linda Hughes
Harriet Kramer Linkin
Tricia Lootens
Laura Mandell
Patricia Matthew
Carol McKay
Beverly Taylor